About Us

Integrity Music Point International is an Abuja-based music company focused on music training, musical events, Live performances DJ services and other allied services. The company's training programs are facilitated by an excellent team of certified professionals with years of practical experience working within the music industry as performers as well as teachers. With a positive, nurturing attitude, they motivate and inspire students to reach their goals. We offer a range of lessons in music instruments such as Guitar (electric and acoustic), Bass, Piano, Singing, Drums, Violin and Saxophone. We also offer lessons in Music Production, Music Theory and much more.

Our Services

Music Training (Vocals/Musical Instruments)

We offer music lessons at our premises and private lessons for piano, guitar, strings, drums, brass and wind instruments with the expert guidance of a specialist. We also offer vocal lessons for all skill levels. We cover key elements of vocal instruction, from warm-up exercises and breath control to high-range technique, harmonies and more.

DJ Services

At Integrity Music Point International, we know how to get the party started as we provide the right DJ for your event. Our DJs are all seasoned to provide you with excellent entertainment, so your event will truly be as you had imagined.

Music Events

We create, develop and organize unique music events with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems at affordable rates, and ensure that your event leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your audience and stakeholders.

Live Band

Our professional live bands will keep any party going, and create unforgettable moments at various events including; weddings, parties and corporate events. Our live bands are high quality, family-friendly, and dependable.


Using music as a tool for inspiration and skills, IMP has focused on the music, social and personal development of our young participants, allowing an ethos of ‘music is for everybody’ and creating ‘the world’s most inspiring music experience for young people’. We really do operate in a different world from all other music programs and we have opened up learning in areas and for individuals who would have otherwise not had the opportunity or incentive to contribute musically. The teaching system we have developed guarantees success for elite young musicians, to entry level beginners, to young people at educational or personal risk, to those with disabilities – many times these levels occur concurrently in the same band.


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